At Petro-Max, we are on a mission to improve the economy and lives of the people wherever we operate. Our goal is to eradicate poverty by providing a means to self-improvement. We accomplish this through the introduction of sustainable biofuel technologies along with training and education, creating skilled local jobs, bringing an improved local situation with increased tax revenues and self-reliance in energy.

In common efforts to introduce “green fuels” or alternative energy sources, the feedstock for biofuels has primarily been corn, sugarcane or biomass. By legislation in the US, a portion of the corn crop must be used in the production of ethanol. Brazil, the world’s largest sugar producer, uses large percentages of their sugar production in the making of biofuels. When you remove food from distribution, you decrease the amount available for human consumption and increase the price of product available for livestock and humans. In our view, this is not the best path.

The great question is “How do we create biofuels without affecting the food supply?” Petro-Max has found the answer. We produce alternative fuels from an agricultural products and byproducts that are not for human consumption. The products grow in marginal or unused land and byproducts come from other agricultural activities. Put simply, we use the unusable to benefit everyone.

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